Press Coverage

The Oil & Gas Advisors’ activities are noted by leaders far and wide within the M&A brokers and advisors profession, as well as in the financial services and business communities.  Following is a sample of our press coverage:

The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) appointed Gary Papay, founder and principal of The Oil & Gas Advisor, to its board of directors…more

Gary Papay M&A Broker & advisors with TOGA specializes in propane businesses and has been elected to the National Liquid Propane Gas Association Board . . . more

Wealth & Finance International’s annual Finance Awards recognize The Oil & Gas Advisor for “Best Oil & Gas M&A Brokers – USA” . . . more

Oil & Gas Advisor principal named winner of the Darrel Fouts M&A Award for Visionary Leadership in the profession . . . more

Tulsa Office of M&A Broker and Oil & Gas Advisor leader named by US Small Business Administration as state’s Financial Services Advocate of the Year … more