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The Panorama of Petroleum as memorialized by Del Jackson – see below for more information

Our roots run deep in the oil patch. Our backgrounds are in accounting, oil and gas, transportation, propane and fuels. Experience includes Fortune 100 companies, independents and as owners. We have been draftsmen and roustabouts, gauged wells, driven trucks, loaded pipe, dug ditches, goosed grass, treated bottoms and serviced rigs.

Four principals, active in oil and gas industry mergers and acquisitions since 1986, have combined our expertise to form The Oil and Gas Advisor. We are perfectly at home rolling up our sleeves to do white collar work in blue collar businesses.

The Oil & Gas Advisor’s expertise is selling middle market businesses in the oil and gas industry, petroleum and propane related companies, with sales volumes up to $1.0 billion.

We are qualified, experienced and highly professional M&A brokers who handle all phases of the buying and selling process, working with both buyers and sellers to successfully transfer business ownership.


The Panorama of Petroleum is a unique work the Smithsonian Institute commissioned by noted oilfield and medical artist, Delbert Jackson. It hung over the Hall of Petroleum Science before returning to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where it is prominently displayed at the Tulsa International Airport. The scene portrays the scope of the oil business and features “hall of fame” oilmen of the day as the workers.