We respect and value business, advisor and M&A broker peer relationships. Our affiliations bring critical resources to augment successful corporate acquisitions, M&A advisor assignments and business transitions. Business owners looking to sell or acquire a business are beneficiaries of our affiliations. We expand capabilities through well-established networks of contacts and resources, as we work in close cooperation with parties important to clients’ and customers’ best interests. We build and nurture affiliations to better serve.

“We are not passive ‘joiners,’ but active participants who provide quality leadership through affiliations that enrich our communities, our profession and our clients, as well as expanding and improving The Oil & Gas Advisor team and our business clients’ experience.”

. . . John C. Johnson

Important professional affiliations come from decades of selling businesses or making acquisitions. They help our business owner clients today and are excellent places to give back to our communities. Affiliations provide links into business communities, corporate acquisitions professionals and trusted advisors. They help us maintain key contacts, create learning opportunities and provide valuable resources. Following is a sampling of affiliations, our current and previous roles and accomplishments: